Who is Intisar? 

I'm a photographer, dancer, writer, and explorer based in Portland OR. I firmly believe in the magic of storytelling, art, and exploration.

I am available for photographic documentation, dance/word performance work, creative business consulting, and arts/culture writing locally and internationally.


What's Intisar?

Intisar means victory/triumph in Arabic and expectations in Farsi.  In Indonesian Inti means essence, point, or core. Inti is an Incan sun god. 

Currently Shooting:

The Black Portlanders.
Ongoing Photo Essay on Black Portlanders.. 
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Contribute to The Black Portlanders IndieGogo Campaign! We are raising $15,000 by 11:59 PM PST Monday March 10 to continue this work of celebrating Black Portland presence! 
Read "An Open Letter to Portland & The World From 'The Black Portlanders'" Please share contribute and share it! Help us reach our goal!


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